About JenaValve

JenaValve’s device idea was conceived by Hans-Reiner Figulla, MD, and Markus Ferrari, MD, both cardiologists at the Friedrich Schiller University Clinic, Jena, Germany. In 2006 the company was founded to develop second generation transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) systems for transapical and transfemoral implantation. At a very early state, it became clear to our research and development as well as clinical teams that safety, precision and durability are key for successful treatment, and ultimately, patient well-being.

At JenaValve, quality is of overriding importance; it is the mainstay of every aspect of our technology development, design process and device engineering.

In September 2011, the transapical JenaValve system was CE-marked and became available on the European market. The clinical trials for the transfemoral version are expected to start soon.

Over the past years, TAVR has become an established therapeutic alternative to surgical aortic valve replacement for high-risk patients suffering from aortic heart valve stenosis. In the years ahead, JenaValve will further contribute to the advancement of TAVR technology. Our company will continue to expand in order to meet growing patient need. Our guiding principles have always been quality and safety, which we see as the highest priorities for patients as well as for physicians.

We look forward to continuing to produce the highest quality TAVR systems in the service of medical science and contributing life-enhancing devices for patients worldwide.